My Captivated Watch List

 I thought I'd keep a watch list to keep track of all the shows I'm currently watching and had finished. I'll eventually come around to writing reviews to some of the listed below.  I feel the need to explain that I'm not watching all these series at once.  Honestly, I'm a bit behind on most of them.  I haven't been watching regularly when it was airing with episodes coming out weekly anymore. By this time, all of the episodes have come out already. I don't have the time or energy to watch it all in one sitting.  My watch list is just the list of TV series, I am following at the moment.  When watching these TV series, I go on a rotation system, I don't watch one series straight through the end, I watch an episode or two of a series and skip to another TV series to watch to keep things interesting. 

Often, I fall in to a trap of losing track of which episode I have watched already, so this is where this page is handy for me to keep track of everything.  If anyone is curious of what I am currently watching or have watched, they can come back here to check.

Current Watching: 
Korean Dramas
1. Equator Man (ep11)
2. The Rooftop Prince (ep11)
3. Feast of the Gods (ep 21)

Japanese dramas
-Kagi no Kakatta Heya
Woman of Urban Legends

Waiting to Continue:
Tree With Deep Roots (K-Drama) (episode 21)
 Protect the Boss (currently at ep 15)
Dream High (ep 8-9)
Qing Shi Huang Fei (ep 19)

The Great Merchant Kim Man Deok  (ep14)
Kim Soo Ro (ep 14 of 32)
You've Fallen for Me (or Heartstrings) [Ep13-15]
 Zenkai Girl (need to watch the series finale episode)
Myung Wol the Spy (currently at ep 12?)

Finished Watching:
1. City Hunter(2011)
2. A Scent of a Woman (2011)
3. Ikemen Desu Ne (2011)
4. Bu Bu Jing Xin (2011)
5. The Other Truth (TVB)
6. Autumn's Concerto (Taiwan)
7. Ghetto Justice 
8. Secret Spy Erika
9.Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Dramas I've dropped and is no longer watching:
1. Romance Town
2. Baby-face Beauty
3.When Heaven Burns (TVB)

Last updated: 4/24/12

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